Wholesale Organica Dark Roast Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Wholesale Organica Dark Roast Rainforest Alliance Coffee

SKU: A03907
size: 4.00 W × 8.00 H × 5.00 L
Roast Level: Dark
Weight: 2 lb
Coffee Type: Organic

Pleasure and peace-of-mind in every cup.

Zavida's signature Organica coffee, roasted dark. Naturally grown on certified farms promoting social and environmental responsibility, this majestic blend of sustainable Arabica beans is primarily shade-grown in Central and South America. Enjoy the bold taste of organic 100% Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM. dark roast coffee, with a hint of sweetness and a nice, clean finish. Delightful! 

A tree will be planted with each purchase of this product.


Available in 2lb whole bean only.

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Zavida Organica
Written by Marlene J Argo on 2019 Apr 22nd

nice flavour

Organica Dark Whole Bean Coffee
Written by Alana on 2018 Dec 15th

Organica has a very rich full aroma and flavour. Not bitter, but perfectly balanced - if I was given the choice of drinking a watery excuse for a coffee, or given the choice of just breathing in the aroma of freshly brewed Organica Dark, I would choose breathing over drinking...

Zavida Organica
Written by Marlene J Argo on 2018 Nov 9th

nice rich flavour

Organica Dark Roast Rainforest
Written by Barbara on 2018 Aug 2nd

We love this coffee! Bought it one time at Costco, but when we went to get more, it was not available. Delighted to find you online. Ordering was a snap; delivery was very fast; the sale price was excellent! We love your message re: trees and sustainability. Thank you!

Written by Donovan Watts on 2018 Aug 1st

Excellent coffee. Originally tried at Costco and then found it online when Costco stopped carrying it.

Written by Marlene on 2018 May 24th

nice rich flavour, excellent taste

Zavida Organica
Written by Marlene on 2018 Jan 22nd

nice rich flavour

Organica Dark
Written by Susan on 2017 Dec 12th

Our favourite coffee ever. Rich, dark, full tasting, aromatic. Better than any coffee we've ever had. Please keep this bean and roast.

Rich and mellow
Written by Irene on 2017 Sep 6th

This is our new favorite! Every time we have a cup someone says "This is SUCH good coffee". It's rich and mellow and it's organic.

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