Father's Day Gifts for Coffee Loving Dads

Father's Day Gifts for Coffee Loving Dads

Father's Day only comes around once a year, so put a big smile on his face this June by purchasing a gift that he'll love. If your father enjoys sipping a good cup of joe, he'll love these great gift ideas. From charming mugs and milk frothers to delicious single-serves, one of the following suggestions is sure to warm your father's heart.

1. Dad Knows Best

If your dad is (or thinks he is), a walking Britannica encyclopedia, this  coffee mug belongs in his cupboard. Featuring "I don't need Google, my father knows everything" this silly coffee mug assures your dad that he does, in fact, have the answer to any and all of your questions about the universe, life, and who's going to win the NBA Finals this year.

2. Perfect, High-End Beverages Every Time

Does your father enjoy a steaming cappuccino or delicious iced coffee, but hates seeing his bank statement after one too many cafes run at the local shop? If so, a milk frother gives him the power to make any milk-based latte or cappuccino without having to leave the house. 

A manual milk frother, such as the Bodum Latteo milk frother, creates an airy foam in less than half a minute and holds eight ounces of cold milk, allowing him to create two cups of frothy drinks, so he can make one for you, too!

3. Instant, Single-Serve Zavida Coffee Cups

Help your dad put his Keurig to good use by giving him a box of  single-serve coffee. With a variety of great blends and flavours, including Bavarian chocolate, apple pie, and breakfast blend, these cups brew a single serving of coffee in less than a minute, so your father gets to enjoy a delectable, quick cup of joe without any effort. Did we mention we offer free shipping on orders over $65? Helping you keep more money in your pocket.

No matter the gift you select for your father, he'll surely appreciate the thought and effort you put into searching for an item that complements his life.